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The world of wine is both exciting and mysterious.  Some know a whole lot, while others know all they want is just to sip some great juice.  Our wine selection is fairly massive, so it’s understandable that one might get lost.  In addition, you may not have the confidence around foreign wines to make an educated purchase.
We’ve decided to take the guess work out of the equation!  Ever hear about the Wall Street Journal’s Wine Club?  Because of our state’s laws, you cannot get wine shipped into Massachusetts.  Therefore, you miss out on their offerings.  However, those who have dealt with this program in a different state will admit:
-the wines received were “poor” to “good”
-the price seemed strangely unreasonable for what you got
-the wines were basically unknown at your local wine shop
So here’s what I’m proposing: you leave that guess work to our Wine Director, Tyler.  Starting in February and changing every two months, you will have the ability to sign up for this program and receive twelve bottles of wine, hand-selected for their quality and value.  The cost is $160 per case, and with that you get a letter explaining why each wine was chosen.  You may also opt for all whites or all reds.
If you are interested in exploring what’s out there, let us know!  Call the store or drop by to sign up.  We have already assembled the case for February-March and the normal retail would be $195.  You save $35 by being a member of the Club!


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