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Treasure Hunters Wine Premiere!

Wednesday, February 26th
4pm – 6pm

If you’re a fan of great wine but don’t like paying top dollar for it, you’ve probably tried the wines of Cameron Hughes and 90+ Cellars.  And as for many, you’ve probably found some success with a few bottles.

There is a new kid on the block however, and it’s called Treasure Hunters!  The idea is fairly similar to the other wine negociants, save for the fact that the new guys only hunt for treasure in the top appellations of California.  And they’re not afraid to disclose the locations!  The following wines will be shown at the tasting:

-Russian River Valley Chardonnay
-Oakville Petit Verdot
-Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
-Calistoga Cabernet Sauvignon

Come on down and break this week up with a little fun!


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